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NetSpaceArts Blog # 3 - Open for business!

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Hello and thanks for subscribing to the NetSpaceArts Development blog - Here is # 3

The last four weeks have flown by. We have been very busy putting a large number of resources on the site and have revamped the store pages. It's still early days, and we are constantly tweaking things, but it's getting there. We have both learned a great deal about content creation which will set us up with invaluable skills heading into the future. Here's an overview of the major happenings around NetSpaceArts:

1. Store is open! - (Promotions coming soon). We have a range of high-quality art resources for a wide range of age groups. Once you buy, use it forever. Designed to be printer- and tablet-friendly. Here's what the store looks like. We will be adding many more and bundling into complete learning units that will be competitively priced!

2. Online classes - If you or someone you know wants a personalised art program, send us an email at for any questions. We aim to offer good value at around $20-$30AUD a week and a more individualised approach than many other online courses. If you prefer to work at your own pace and do not require online classes, I have been developing a module-based art course which will be self-paced. Currently I am developing three 10 week courses. Courses will commence as soon as we have enough enrolments, so stay tuned! And download the information sheet off the website front page for more.

Courses on offer:

Art - A general experience that encourages students to experiment with a variety of techniques and materials

Drawing - A more focused course for those who want to improve in their drawing skills

Animation - Learn how to develop animation (stop motion and 2d Digital from idea to final video).

3. New Camera! - I have upgraded my camera and microphone to improve the visual quality of my sound and video. Check it out!

4. YouTube Channel - Regularly adding videos to the channel. I have been covering a range of topics. Some will be used in the course and I am working on some longer instructional videos for use in the courses, now I have a better camera and mic.

Thanks for your support!

Kain and Beck - Directors of

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