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School Art Lessons and Activities

Here’s a selection of art lessons on our TPT store that have proven to be popular with late elementary and early middle school students. Simple no prep printable activities that are good for all abilities.

1. Portrait Drawing – Step by Step with Templates LINK

Portrait Drawing and Sketching Lesson. Learn an easy way to draw realistic portraits using pencils.

This activity features a series of steps students can follow. Each step is numbered, with written instructions and accompanying images.

2. Tree Drawing Step by Step – Examples and Templates LINK

Learn an easy way to draw realistic trees!

3. Van Gogh – Oil Pastel – Starry Night – Step by Step LINK

This project takes inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh and his distinctive painting style. The technique applied in Starry Night translates very well into Oil Pastels without the mess!

Please feel free to check out the store for lots more great products and share with anyone you think would benefit from these easy to follow lessons!

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