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Spook-tacular Halloween Art Activities for Kids

Since it's almost that time of year again. I decided to post a feature on some of our Halloween themed products.

We have created some designs of popular Halloween characters to use for either coloring or pattern decoration, plus they are able to be cut out and used as decorations. The pack has 4 different pages included.

Halloween outlines
Low resolution example page of some Halloween characters

If you would like something a bit more challenging, we have a variant of the outlines that includes some themed patterns to apply to the templates. HERE

We also have some fun Minecraft inspired packs that have Creepers, Skeletons and Zombies! This one is a color and fold activity to make standing characters.

Here's a simple set of coloring templates with Steve, Enderman, Creepr, Alex, Skeleton and a Zombie! They all include a color guide too.

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