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Art Vocabulary Cards

Handy Art Terminology Vocab Cards

Price: $3.50USD

Each card has a simple definition of an art-related term and an example of how it could be used in a sentence. This tool is handy for when students are writing reflections on their work or analysing an artist. Or you can build a vocabulary by placing a 'word of the day' on the board that can be added to a page in their art journals.

Art Vocabulary Cards

Simply cut the cards out, and you are ready to provide new words for your class's art vocabulary.

Cards can also be used to create themed pages in students' art journals or posters:

1. Print and provide one card per student.
2. Students glue their card onto a page and decorate the surrounding space with visual examples of the art term, either by drawing, painting or using downloaded/cut-out pictures and adding their own descriptions.
3. Display on a spare wall in the classroom.

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