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Basic Art Skills Worksheets

Price: $3.50USD

A great range of pencil drawing worksheets designed to improve understanding of tone, line and form while improving control of art medium. Suitable as a standalone lesson or as an introduction to more challenging activities like portrait drawing etc. Suitable for a wide range of age groups.

-Simple Lesson plan is included to provide a basic overview of the pack.

Basic Art Skills Worksheets

Includes Printable Activites and completed example of shape worksheet:
- Gradient/Tone to practice shading from light to dark in 2h-2b pencils
- Light-Dark sheets with popular techniques like stippling and hatching.
- Mark making with less common techniques like circles and zig zags.
- Shape templates - to create form and depth in simple shapes.

To get the most benefit from this activity, it is recommended students create a drawing of your chosen theme while applying a variety of techniqes practiced. These worksheets work very well with your existing art program and are a great bridge for students who are not yet confident with pencil drawing techniques.

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