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Minecraft Character Pack

Color cut and craft with these high quality characters.

Price: $5.00USD

High quality digitally drawn collection of popular Minecraft inspired characters for use with dioramas, animations or just freestanding puppets. Professionally designed impressive '3D Look' templates that are easy to fold and cut for little hands. (Some templates require fine cutting but most are suitable for scissors only).

Minecraft Character Pack

Includes 9 templates that can be colored in whatever style you like. (The examples use marker pointillist dots then added pencil blending) then cut out and fold to make fun standing characters! Suitable for kids who aren't yet able to fold complex 3D models and can be used on their own, in doiramas and even simple animation!

Suitable for Art, STEM or Math activities for measurment and geometry topics.

Includes: Steve, Alex, Rabbit, Wolf, Skeleton, Zombie, Creeper a cube (for making blocks) and a Flower

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