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Van Gogh Starry Night - Oil Pastel

Step-by-Step Art Lesson in Oil Pastels

Price: $4.50USD

This lesson takes inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh and his distinctive painting style. His technique in 'Starry Night' translates very well into oil pastels without the mess! Build up your students' drawing skills while following easy to understand and highly visual instructions. Created by an experienced artist and educator.

Van Gogh Starry Night - Oil Pastel

This art lesson plan focusing on oil pastels is helpful when introducing students to the medium. Due to their soft consistency and paint-like quality, Van Gogh's color techniques work very well with oil pastel. Using Van Gogh's painting style in 'Starry Night' as a focus, it includes:

- One page project outline with required materials, learning intentions/objectives
- Two-page demonstration of 'Starry Night' drawn using oil pastels
- Technique template to improve application of patterns and color in the style of Van Gogh
- A template outline of 'Starry Night' and color example

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