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Hand Printing - Lino Printing onto Cards

As an educator of the arts, I have been fortunate enough to spend my youth developing my practical art skills. One medium that is of particular interest to me is printmaking. So sometimes I make and sell prints in intaglio and relief. There is an Etsy store if you would like to take a look. I would consider creating printmaking lesson plans one day if it would be worth the time and energy creating resources for it. Simple monoprints and lino cuts are easily done in a school setting. Some other interesting techniques might be achieved if the school is lucky enough to have a printing press!

All I used for these cards was some lino, basic carving tools, and a hand ink roller.

The printing press is just because I have one, but rubbing a spoon on the back of the printed surface works just as well to print an image, it jast takes some time.

Etsy Gallery - HERE

There are all kinds of things you can do with some simple cards and lino. For this print, I decided to use a small rubber roller and a gradient of orange ink over a dark burgundy.

A few years ago my partner became involved in old style book printing and binding, which meant I did as well! One of the cool things about book printing using printing presses like the Adana 8x5 that is in the video below. This small printing press would have been made in the 1960s and is perfect for quickly printing small media like cards.

Here's a video of the card being printed

and another!

I hope you enjoy seeing these clips and feel free to see more at the gallery page on Etsy! HERE


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