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Monet Pastel Step-by-Step Lesson

Claude Monet Oil Pastel Lesson

Price: $5.50USD

This art lesson plan focusing on oil pastels is helpful when introducing students to the medium. Due to their soft consistency and paint-like quality, Monet's color techniques work very well with oil pastel. Using his painting style in the 'Haystacks' (or 'Grainstacks') series as a focus, it includes:

Monet Pastel Step-by-Step Lesson

1. One page project outline with required materials, learning intentions/objectives
2. Four page demonstration of 'Grainstacks' created using oil pastels
3. Technique examples and template to improve application of patterns and color in the style of the Impressionists

A template outline of one of the popular 'Haystacks' paintings and high resolution color example of the artwork

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