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Cityscape Drawing with Pastel – Step by Step with Pictures and Instructions

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Pastel Cityscape Drawing Step by Step Lesson

Materials you will need to draw your cityscape

• Black paper • Cutout card buildings (A knife is best to cut out shapes) • Dry pastels or colored chalk • Earbuds


  1. Start by holding a shape onto the paper and roughly draw around it.

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Taking inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh and his distinctive painting style. His technique in Starry Night translates very well into Oil Pastels without the mess!

2. Use an earbud and smudge the colours you’ve drawn. This will make a smooth glowing coverage.

Portrait Drawing Lesson. Easy no prep portrait lesson using pencils. Includes detailed plan and art history portrait information, drawing templates and high quality images (plus an extension activity)

3. Use a variety of colours and repeat the process. You can flip the shapes for more variety.

4. Smaller shapes can add some depth to the artwork.

This resource provides clear and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on drawing an eye. It includes templates and examples for students to use so they can draw their own.

5. Blending each color with your earbud can help add more atmosphere.

Free Download – Cat and Dog Drawing Grid Templates 8x pages!

Grid Drawing templates are a great way to learn observational drawing. Students can use either the full grid or rule their own.

6. Using a white piece of chalk, add some lights to the buildings.

  1. Add stars and a moon or planets to complete your night time city!

Some other ideas! You can use torn paper for mountains–or why not try different shapes?

Learn color blending and pointillism techniques using an outline of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Great as a sub art lesson, as an early finisher or as part of your art curriculum.

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